No One Wants To Sign Your KYC! That's Why We're Here.

Our users pre-submit their KYC to us. When they claim your airdrop, we send you their KYC. That means

  • Fewer people abandon the claim mid-process
  • Less money needed to motivate an airdrop
  • First 30 days of listing is free

Frequently Asked Question's

When someone signs up with Block Tree Club, they provide their

  • Ethereum wallet address
  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Twitter URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Telegram

We only allow ICOs with whitepapers that demonstrate a feasible concept. At least one ICO stakeholder must provide a copy of their ID for verification purposes. If you think you meet these requirements, use one of the buttons to go to the application page.

The price of an airdrop must be sufficient to incentivize a potential claimer to act. Otherwise, no one will claim the airdrops. This means that every time an extra action is required, the price of the airdrop must raise enough to continue to incentivize potential claimers.

Similarly, every time an airdrop requires less actions, the price of the airdrop can lower without disincentivizing claimers.

The KYC process is usually the most time-intensive action a potential claimer must take.

This also makes the KYC the most expensive aspect of the airdrop.

Our "one-time KYC" database eliminates this expense.

When a n airdrop claimer doesn't have to sign a KYC, the airdrop itself doesn't have to be as expensive in order to get the same effect.

When you list on our site for free, you are in competition with 29 other ICO airdrops. Every day, we list one new airdrop and drop an old airdrop. Normally, new airdrops take the most visible spots on our homepage.

To beat the competition, we offer one-week premium listing packages. This includes

  • Remaining in top five most visible spots
  • Being interviewed live on a webinar
  • Be featured in our newsletter.
  • Exposure through our blog and social feeds.

In order to keep new airdrops coming in every day, we only allow each ICO to list with us for 30 days. In order to extend that listing, an ICO may purchase a one month extension.

However, an extended listing will only allow you to stay on the platform. Without a premium listing, you will not return to the most visible spots.

Listing on our platform is free for 30 days. All you have to is pass our vetting process.

After that, you will be de-listed and lose access to our one-time KYC database.

To keep your access for another month, the Extended Listing costs only .55 btc (if bought within a week of first listing).

To get a major visibility bump and a week's worth of special coverage, the Premium Listing costs 1.6 btc (if bought within a week of first listing).